Dream Inn by AmeriVu

Dream Inn by AmeriVu is John Kinberger’s dream.  John and Cindy Kinberger my parents, honeymooned in Daytona Beach when they were married in 1972.  This was the first time my Dad had ever been out of Kentucky.  He fell in love with the ocean and told my Mom that he didn’t want to leave. He spent every chance he got trying to convince her to move, and this went on for the next 20 years!  My Dad was a garbage man; later, he became a pipefitter and he worked a lot of construction sites. He told everybody he new, every one he met, every chance he got that he would live on the beach one day in Daytona and own a hotel. This was his Dream.  Our family would vacation in Daytona Beach every year. As soon as my Dad could drive on the beach, he did!  Sometimes he would have us driving up and down the beach for hours before we ever went to the hotel to check in. I did not understand it at the time but it was like he was visiting an old friend that he had not seen in a long time.  He would ask my Mom as soon as the car hit the beach, the windows were down, and with the smell of the ocean drifting thru the car: “do we have to go home this time?” He would ask this every day we were on vacation “can we move to Daytona?’  Not just while we were in Daytona but everyday of my young life I heard my Dad trying to convince my Mom to move to Daytona. He would come up behind us and imitate the sound of waves crashing on the beach in my sister and my ear and say “we could be hearing that right now! Help me convince your Mom to move.!”

One day in the winter of 1991 she gave in. John and Cindy were the proud owners of a hotel on the beach in Daytona Beach by February 1992.

I grew up with this, I thought this was normal that you were supposed to talk endlessly about wanting to go on vacation, never wanting to leave when you got there, and to want to move to where you vacation.  But when I turned 18, I had not moved to Daytona myself yet.  I was still in Louisville Kentucky and I started working construction.  Not 5 minutes into showing up at the first job site a man approached me and said “you look like John Kinberger …are you related? Did he ever move to Daytona and open a hotel?”  This happened at every job I went to! So when I would say “yes he did!” everyone would be happy for him because they new it was his dream. This is why we are called the Dream Inn.  The Dream Inn by AmeriVu is an inspiration to everyone that if you try long enough never give up and always believe, you can do anything.

The beach is more than a boundary dividing land from sea, more than a place to swim or sunbath. In Florida, the beach is a way of life, a source of pride and joy, a defining influence in people’s lives. For some, the mere memory of a mid-summer sunrise warming up the Atlantic is reward enough. Others have a more intimate relationship with the sea. Surfing and sailing, biking and running, swimming and diving along the hundreds of miles of pristine shoreline.

Staying true to their southern heritage, owners John, Cindy, and Jody Kinberger offer a unique brand of hospitality and charm that surrounds you like a warm blanket. We are a unique small property with the luxuries of a large resort. With an amazing attention to detail and service, Dream Inn by AmeriVu truly stands out. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or life-long resident, we encourage you to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Daytona Shores and hope that we can make your upcoming visit a memorable and carefree time.

  • Located in beautiful Daytona Beach Shores near several world-class attractions and restaurants.
  • We are a unique small property that offers luxury resort amenities.
  • Excellent area for surfing, sailing, biking, running, swimming, diving and much, much more!
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi, Cable TV, use of beach towels, voicemail and parking.
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Great destination for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.
  • Heated Pool.
  • There are several restaurants located within walking distance.
  • We offer restaurant discounts to guests.
  • Family owned and operated inn since 1992.
  • Southern hospitality at its best.
  • No Pets